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Insurance not only protects you financially, by restoring your financial position after a loss, but perhaps more importantly it also affords you peace of mind.

If an accident or unforeseen situation occurs, the most important thing you can do is to call us immediately. Whatever the day, whatever the time, we have a broker from our office on call 24 hours a day.

When you call to discuss a claim with a bank or another Direct Writer (meaning you speak with an employee of the insurance company itself and not a broker) a claim is automatically made on your insurance record, even if the insurance company never pays it. This will adversely affect the rates that you will pay in the future. This is why we always recommend calling Reeds Insurance rather than the insurance company to discuss your situation, as it’s not always in your best interest to file a claim. Does it make sense to make a claim on a $500 fender when it will cause your insurance rates to increase by a $100 for 6 years? When you give us the opportunity to advise you, we can walk you through the various scenarios that a claim can generate so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

At Reeds Insurance, we are very proud of our 24/7 customer service line. Unlike most 24/7 lines, ours is manned by a member of the Reeds Insurance team – not a call centre. When you call after-hours, you are transferred to one of us at home so please excuse our grogginess if you should call in the middle of the night.

We strongly encourage you to speak with us prior to calling your insurance provider directly the numbers are provided below for your reference.

reeds after hours claims line: 705-324-3677

Our Providers

We are proud to represent only the most reputable and financially stable Canadian Insurers. To find out more about any of our companies.

  • Aviva Insurance Company of Canada  (866) MY AVIVA  (or 866-692-8482)
  • Echelon Insurance Company  (866) 252-2854
  • Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company  (877) 280-3030
  • Gore Mutual Insurance Company  (800) 265-8600
  • The Guarantee Company of North America  (800) 361-7096 AUTO / (800) 268-6617
  • Intact Insurance  (888) 464-2424
  • Jevco Insurance Company  (866) 864-1112
  • The Nordic Insurance Company  (800) 668-1000
  • Premier Marine Insurance Company  (800) 387-5677
  • Optimum Insurance  (877) 806-8023
  • Wawanesa Insurance  (800) 641-7988

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