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I inquired switching my home & auto policies to Reeds back in 2009...and was impressed, not only with the level of service but the thought and advice put into my personal situation, by the Reeds team.  After a number of thorough questions into my & my families personal situation and a personal visit by the president of the company to my house for an inspection, not only did I end up paying less overall for my 2 auto and home policies, but Reeds recommended adding an umbrella liability policy to my portfolio ensuring my families safety and protection...all for less than what I was paying previously!
At the start of the with any insurance company...I was wary about what I was being sold.  But at the end of the experience, I was very impressed with the level of thought, service and care put into it by the Reeds team.  They by far, exceeded my expectations of what an insurance company could actually do to make a difference.

Chris Walling, Lindsay Ontario

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