Our Team

“Customer Service” doesn’t mean just handing your renewal with a smile.

To us, customer service means sharing our knowledge and experience to help you make better insurance decisions.  We’re here to answer questions about everything from policy jargon to potential risk management strategies, and when you need advice, that’s our job as your broker!  If the unthinkable happens and a loss occurs, our 24/7 emergency service (staffed by one of us, not a call centre) can provide support and advice to help you through it.

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We don’t want you to be left in the dark about your insurance coverage choices. We believe that in business, as in life, knowledge is power. To find out more about how we can advocate for you and your family, please stop by our office or call Reeds Insurance at:

Sales Department:

Andrew Calhoun

R.I.B.O. Account Executive - Vintage Auto Specialist

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Brian Gorrill

R.I.B.O. Account Executive - Commercial / Farm Specialist

Email Brian

Lisa McCauley

C.A.I.B, R.I.B.O. Account Executive

Email Lisa

Charlotte Molnar

R.I.B.O. Account Executive

Email Charlotte

Jason Wilson

R.I.B.O. Account Executive - Vintage Auto Specialist

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Portfolio Managers:

Dianna Burke

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager

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Rachell Hartwell

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager - Vintage Auto Specialist

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Ruth Kennedy

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager

Email Ruth

Julie Murray

C.I.P., R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager / Office Manager

Email Julie

Tracy Patterson

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager

Email Tracy

Jan Scott

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager

Email Jan

Terri Stevenson

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager

Email Terri

Heidi Tomczak

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager

Email Heidi

Chris Verlint

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager

Email Chris

Tom Weber

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager

Email Tom

Shannon West

R.I.B.O. Portfolio Manager

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Sarah Brunke

R.I.B.O. Accounting Manager

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Vivian Genge

Financial Analyst

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Connie Kraemer


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Allyson McEachern

Payment Plan Administrator

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April Woodcock

Technical Service Representative

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Amy Reeds

B.SC. (ECON), R.I.B.O. - VP, Financial Operations

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Brian Reeds

C.A.I.B., R.I.B.O. - President

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Our Providers

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  • commonwell
  • echelon
  • elliott
  • encon
  • gore mutual
  • guarantee company
  • intact
  • jevco
  • optimum
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