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Personal & Property Insurance


Homeowners and Tenants

Whether your home is a house, condo unit, apartment or mobile home, you have the same affection for your property and belongings.  An insurance policy not only protects the physical structures of your home and its contents, but more importantly, the personal liability of you and your family anywhere in the world. This can include a simple slip and fall that may occur on your property, the stray golf ball that you were responsible for hitting, or the windshield that your child breaks while playing baseball.

At Reeds Insurance, we take the time to explain not only what is required by you to meet certain insurance obligations, but also ways to limit your own personal risk.  Before you go ahead and agree to an insurance policy that you may not understand and terms you may not be familiar with, call us!   We can walk you through the coverage you need and look to our 15 reputable insurance providers to find you the right policy at the right price.

Seasonal Dwellings

If you are fortunate enough to own a seasonal cottage or other vacation property, you know the joys (and headaches) of a secondary residence.  At Reeds Insurance, we look for ways to minimize the risk involved with these properties and help you to simply relax and enjoy.  After all, isn’t that what a seasonal property is for?

In addition to standard cottage policies, we offer unique and specialized seasonal dwelling packages that treat "custom cottages" as the homes they really are. The benefit to you is greatly enhanced coverage, both in terms of available limits of insurance and the perils against which you are insured. All of this is available at a premium less than a typical cottage can be insured for.

Ask us, too, about insuring your seasonal properties in other provinces, as well as your vacation home in sunny Florida. We are here to help!

Rental Properties

Rental properties are in a class by themselves – while they have excellent income potential, they are also a gateway to a number of liability issues.  After years of insuring rental properties, we have a few suggestions for making the most of your investment.  Call our office or stop in to discuss your options – and see why more and more landlords stick with Reeds Insurance.

If you are a residential landlord, you will be thrilled to know that we offer protection from one of your greatest risks - Tenant Vandalism.

Call our office or stop in to discuss your options – and see why more and more landlords stick with Reeds Insurance.

Hunting Camps

Whether your preference is to connect with nature on your own land or by lease (or oftentimes, gentlemen’s agreement), it comes with a real-world insurance implication.  As you may have already discovered, coverage for hunting and fishing lodges can be hard to come by.   At Reeds Insurance, we have insurers that will not only accept this type of risk, but will offer coverage at a reasonable price.  So stop being bogged down by insurance worries and let us do the legwork (and the paper work) for you.  Now you can simply enjoy what nature has to offer!

Auto Insurance

Everyone knows that legally, you cannot drive an automobile without insurance – but the kind of coverage you need depends on a number of factors including: where you’re driving, what kind of vehicle you choose, and what type of driver you are. Your own personal financial position is also an important piece of this puzzle.

Finding a better price on your auto insurance includes looking for discounts wherever they might be. Reeds Insurance offers many discounts, such as:

Deciding on an auto policy in Ontario just became more complicated due to the new Auto Reform and the recently reduced Accident Benefits Coverages. So, in addition to the standard decisions you need to make, you must also decide how much additional coverage you want to secure in case of an accident. Take a moment to look at our own publication Your Guide to the 2010 Auto Reform and learn more about your options. Better yet, speak with a Reeds Insurance representative and let us walk you through your automobile policy. It could be one of the most important calls you make.

What Type of Car Do You Drive?

Vintage AutoIf your vehicle is more than 20 years old and meets certain criteria for a VINTAGE or classic car, then you should consider the VINTAGE AUTO INSURANCE program at Reeds Insurance.  This division is overseen by a VINTAGE enthusiast who knows how you feel about your car (can we even call it that?).  Click here for more details.

Recreational Vehicles

Land Vehicles

Living in Canada and specifically in the Kawarthas, where the trails are preserved and well-maintained and ATV’s and snowmobiles are part of outdoor enjoyment.  They can also be difficult (and expensive) to insure.  We have several insurance providers on standby who can protect your recreational vehicles – and at a price that you can still afford the gas to enjoy them.  Come in, or call to speak with one of us here at Reeds Insurance.  We’ll worry about the details so you can use your ATV or snowmobile at your leisure.

Water Vehicles

Run-abouts, Yachts, Sailboats and Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis and Sea-Doos) are all part of the much-too-short summer season in the Kawartha Lakes area. As you pass them on the Trent-Severn and wave this summer, it's safe to say we insure a fair number of them.

Making it easier to enjoy your watercraft, we offer all-inclusive packages covering the vessel, its contents, the trailer and most importantly, the liability associated with the operation of the boat.

Call us, or stop in to discuss your options. If you’re new to Lindsay or the Kawartha Lakes community, we’d be happy to look at your charts and show you some of the top routes along with some unique places to stop along the way!


Personal Umbrella

Umbrella Insurance is exactly what it sounds like: a master liability policy covering all aspects of your family’s life, with limits above and beyond your homeowner’s, auto, and other policies. Depending upon your own personal needs, we can add an additional $1 Million - $5 Million in liability protection which would come into play when the limits on your other current policies have been exhausted. A Personal Umbrella policy accomplishes these higher limits of insurance at a much lower rate than you would expect to pay if you simply increased the coverage on your individual policies, plus it broadens your liability coverage in a way that those other policies can't.

In a world where lawsuits pop up everywhere and mistakes can happen, Umbrella Insurance is your best protection for very little added cost. Ask us to evaluate your own personal need with a quick list of questions and you’ll be well on your way to sleeping easier at night.

Life Insurance

As you mature and begin to take on the responsibilities of family, mortgage, car… and the list goes on, there comes a time when you need to consider how an untimely passing will affect your loved ones financially.  Life Insurance is just one more way you can protect everything you’ve worked so hard for, including your family’s stability.

Life Insurance (including Term Insurance, Whole Life, and Universal Life) is an area of expertise that requires separate licensing.  Reeds Insurance has a Life Specialist on hand who can walk you through the different kinds of insurance that you might consider.  We are proud to offer Life Insurance products through our specialty company, Reeds Financial.

For information on Commercial Life Insurance products such as Group Benefit Plans, please visit our Life Insurance Heading on the Products Menu.

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